About The Chef


Many thanks for your interest in Meals on Heels! 

So here’s my history:

I spent 20+ years in the high tech sales world, climbing on planes at a moment’s notice, handling conference calls at all hours of the day and night, considering my laptop/ BlueTooth/Blackberry to be life lines, and dealing with the stressful rollercoaster that is the end of the quarter in publicly traded companies.

Through all those trials for all those years, cooking and entertaining were favorite hobbies of mine that provided great times and even better memories. Meals on Heels is the product of my past business life and my hobby of cooking and entertaining.   I like to think I am taking the best from both worlds and offering you, my client, the insight I have gained from being a busy professional who very much likes to eat well and entertain frequently.   I know how valuable my services are in your life!

I am a member of the US Personal Chef Association, and I continue to work on my formal culinary education. The real world experiences of working with clients like you offer some of the best guidance for new ideas and continued improvement in my services.

I hope my services offer you and yours many healthy and happy benefits for years to come!