Gift Ideas

baby-150x150 Gifts for New Moms New moms are busy, tired, and in need of balanced, healthy meals for themselves, family members and visiting helpers. What better way to smooth the road for that new mom than to provide a personal chef service for great and healthy meals that will be ready for her, her family, and visitors in minutes!  I will plan the perfect menu with the new mom, either before or after The Big Day, then shop and cook for her, including packaging the food items exactly to her needs.
And don’t forget the new dad either – Meals on Heels will provide a romantic dinner at the new family’s home, a perfect way for the new mom and dad to have a “date night” without worrying about leaving the newborn or having to get dressed up. It’s a perfect night for new parents!
Gift Certificates
Gift certificates from Meals on Heels are a perfect way to give the gift of healthy eating, family time around the table, or convenience for those not physically able to cook for themselves.  Please call or email me to discuss your gift ideas and the needs of the recipient.  People love to get great food gifts!