Special Dinners

wine-club-dinner Romantic dinners: One of the best ways to celebrate a special event is with a romantic dinner for two. What could be better than having a chef prepare a wonderful four course meal in your own kitchen, and then serve it to you in your dining room, poolside, by the fireplace, on the patio – you pick! This is a great treat for anniversaries and a wonderful surprise……..also a great gift for new parents, a housewarming, or anyone you want to offer a special “thank you”. 
Small dinner parties:
Treat your friends (and you!) to a fun evening with a Meals on Heels dinner in your home! Why deal with crowded loud restaurants, long drives, and multiple babysitters when you and your friends can have a fun evening at home? Just pick a date, invite 6 or 8 of your favorite friends and their children, hire one babysitter, order pizza for the kids, set them up in the playroom with movies, and enjoy a wonderful dinner as you relax with your friends. You don’t have to shop or do dishes either! It’s a great way to have fabulous food and a fun night, all for much less expense than a group night “out”. 
Beer and Food Pairings:
Want to enhance your knowledge of beers? Learn what foods pair best with different beers? A beer dinner allows you to both, while having fun at home with friends! Meals on Heels will work with you to pick the theme of the evening – pairing beers and food from one region, or picking beers from many regions, or learning about one particular style of beer made by different breweries, or specifying foods and seeing what beers match up. Either way it is a fun evening sure to expand your taste horizons. You will have a list of suggested beers to purchase, and Meals on Heels will handle all the food, from shopping to cooking to serving to cleaning up the kitchen! 

Girlz Night In:
Plan a fun night “in” instead of going out — gather your friends (girls or guys, or both!) and let Meals on Heels handle all the party details. I’ll arrange a menu (buffet or appetizers), shop, prepare the food, serve, and clean up. All you need to add are the glasses and what goes in them!