What Our Clients Are Saying…

Romantic Dinner

“Exceeded All My Expectations!”

Hiring Meals on Heels for our 5th Anniversary Dinner exceeded all my expectations!  Kathy was so easy to work with on the menu and she really took time to make this dinner “ours”.  She listened to my ideas and gave me lots of choices for each course of the meal.  The food was absolutely fabulous!  She also went above and beyond helping set-up and my wife, Jennifer, was blown away that everything was just taken care of from start to finish.  Jenn’s comment during dinner was ” I don’t even feel like we are at home!  It feels like we are in some great restaurant except we don’t have a drive home or any time constraints.”  I have had several people say, “I can’t believe you did all this to surprise your wife.”  I just smile because all I really had to do was make a call and a few emails and my part was done! 
— Joey Beard

Girlz Night In

“I highly recommend it!”

Meals on Heels provided a fun “Girls Night In” dinner party for a small group of my friends.  We had  a great time and enjoyed being able to socialize in the comfort of my home without all the work of shopping, cooking and cleaning up.   The food was fabulous and very affordable  and Kathy was happy to provide a menu of favorite foods with a slightly new twist.  It was so nice to have such a good meal without having to get dressed up or drive, and we could linger as long as we wanted for a good “gab session”.  What a fun way to get together with friends – I HIGHLY recommend it! 
— Kathy Sutton

Small Group/Business Dinner

“A tasty meal with a great presentation!”

I recently used Meals on Heels for a business dinner and was VERY glad I did!  The food was wonderful and having the dinner at home was a different, and very enjoyable, setting for my clients.  Kathy designed a menu for us, shopped, and came with all the supplies and tools needed to create a tasty meal with a great presentation.  She was attentive in her service and made sure the pace of the meal was such that we could discuss business.  While we finished up our talks over dessert and coffee she cleaned up the kitchen and left it just as it was when she arrived — or maybe better!


The evening was minimal work for me and allowed me to offer a far more personal twist on the usual business dinner.  Meals on Heels provides a way to entertain clients that is memorable and easy, easy, easy! 
— CJ Curry

Personal Chef Services

“A fresh, healthy alternative that was also convenient!”

As a busy professional with an active social life, my meals were often an afterthought, coming from a box or can.  Kathy offered me a fresh, healthy alternative that was also convenient.  She customized menus for me taking the time to underdstand my preferences – like chili that was “easy on the beans and not too spicy”.  Instead of rushing through mealtime, Meals on Heels allowed me to savor vegetables that had just the right amount of crunch and enjoy flavors that you only get from fresh herbs – all with minimal time on my part.  It’s a great service and one that I plan to use on a regular basis! 

                                                                                                                          — Laurene Crawford

“Thrilled with Flavors, Cost is manageable!”

I am thrilled with the flavors of everything you make for me. As a former”Drive-through/take-out junkie,” I  look forward to having delicious meals at home. The biggest advantage for me is that I get only what I like. In addition, when I invite someone for dinner, I know that the meal will be perfect. While everyone is impressed when I say I have someone who cooks for me, I don’t feel like it is a luxury. The cost is manageable; indeed, given the benefits for my health, priceless. 

— Phoebe Bailey

Great Food in General

“She outdoes herself time and time again!”

Kathy has flair in all that she does, especially when it comes to food. She can take all the favorite foods you love and add a little something extra to make them especially memorable. I’ve sampled her dishes over the years, from appetizers and party nibbles to full-course dinners and she outdoes herself time and time again, whether it’s serving up a simple steamed carrot dish with seasonings she latched onto in France or more detailed delectable dishes that are as much a feast for the eye as for the palate. This woman loves to cook.   Thank goodness she enjoys doing it for other people!”

                                                                                                                                                                –Charlotte Atkins

“A Great Affordable Option for Office”

 With a staff of five it is sometimes hectic and hard to get away for lunch, so we decided to order a meal from Meals on Heels.  It was a great experience!  The food was tasty, healthy, filling and prepared fresh at our office.  Kathy could not have been more delightful to work wtih and she was very detail oriented.  Whether for a monthly meeting or a special occasion this is a great affordable option for small gatherings. We plan to look into her other offerings


                                                                                                                                                                –Lisa Smith